The pandemic situation is going on badly in Europe and many conferences are organised online. The ED2E conference organising committee favours a face-to-face conference which remains the best way to share and to discuss on research topics. 

The following new dates have been set for the organisation of the international conference on Eco-Design in Electrical Engineering, ED2E. You can save in your calendar the 12th and 13th of October 2021.

We deeply hope that the international health situation will evolve positively. The organising committee will do its utmost to ensure that all guest and speakers can be hosted in ARRAS for this event, in accordance with the health regulations that will be effective in the fall of 2021.

Previously submitted papers will be presented and we encourage all researchers to prepare and send us their contributions. The submission system remains open.

We wish to point out that the organizing committee is more and ever fully committed to the organization of the next successful ED2E. We hope to see you in Arras in good health with quality papers to present.




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